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The Fushe Arrez memorial

"The Fushe Arrez memorial is a monumental bronze sculpture,  4 m high x  3.3 m wide x 1. 2 m deep.

The memorial commemorates a tragic event. In 2005 a bus carrying students from Kosovo came off the road and fell down the side of a high mountain in Northern Albania, just outside of the town of Fushe Arrez. In the accident 16 young people from Kosovo lost their lives. 

The sculpture does not aim to emphasize the tragedy of this event, but rather to elicit a sense of something epic and profound. It is located at the side of the road close to the place of the accident, and its shapes, like abstractions of tree trunks melded together in one single body, seem to rise silently in their monumentality towards the sky, evoking life and hope….."

                                                                Genc Mulliqi

"The Lines"

ceramic 12 x 1,2 m
DEKA Company, Tirana,

The Lines is a site specific work at DEKA, a production company, where a feeling of flowing energy is believed to be represented.

About Diversity...

Acrylic on canvas mounted on the wall 400 x 220 cm.
Greenwich Community College, Plumstead. London. UK

About Diversity is a site specific work inspired by ethnic and religious diversity in this large educational institution.

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