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Wapping Powerstation Project

'Behind the curtain' was a temporary, partly site specific installation in Wapping Powerstation, London UK.
6,5 x 2 x 1,5 m Stoneware, metallic wire.
This work is about the unwanted restrictions in people's lives.

heads no 7 039.jpg


is an ongoing project which never seems to be finished, and which comes and goes in cycles. Many of Genc Mulliqis projects are developed in cycles, always with a new vigor, but not as often as it happens with Heads. The artist says he feels as if he is being bidden to make possible their appearance in this world, that they are “using” him as some kind of intermediary to enable them to be seen.  Sometimes he feels they represent beings residing in some lost world, or in an entire other dimension, who are trying to communicate with us here.

The heads differ in size and are usually stoneware or ceramic.

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