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‘ Dead as a Dodo” as the expression goes, meaning something that is over, finished, never to return, something or someone that belong to the past, obsolete, deceased. 

Dodo, the ancient primitive bird, extinct since 4 centuries ago, perceived as a symbol of a distant past that will never come back, like the reptile world of dinosaurs, was the initial inspiration for this exhibition.

Like Dodo, the war, global war with its horrors, is supposed to be a “thing” of the past, obsolete.  Many people after WWI thought that Great Wars never would happen again. Many people then were sure that humanity had learned its lesson. 

Today, with the rise of extremism and religious fanaticism, deep social divisions, war no longer seems far. Terrorism is already a global problem. So is social injustice and poverty. More then never before different kinds of fanaticism are threatening internal piece of many countries and the world all together.

But is Dodo bird really a “thing” of the past? Not sure. ‘Jurassic park’ is no longer a fantasy. Through genetically engineering science all can happen. Dodo bird like dinosaurs can come back.

Waiting for Dodo is like waiting in suspense for a Past, a frightening past that can become the near future.

Waiting for Dodo, like ‘waiting for Godot’ is waiting for someone,  for none, for “the nothing” that can become something or someone hopefully not something or someone that will make us all extinct.


Genc Mulliqi (Mullici) 2016

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