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"Illegal" Tree planting project.

The "Wasserlos project"

( illegal tree planting)' .

The long “trip” of two young trees from my own pot roof garden in Tirana, Albania to Germany, in Wasserlos, Franconia, which were “smuggled” in my luggage. They were planted from seeds and then re-located in a forest, in an “anonymous “, un -recorded spot in the wilderness of Wasserlos, Germany. Un-defined dimensions. A catalpa tree and a plane tree. An analogy with fate of many people in their effort to settle and build new lives outside their country of origin

 Duesseldorf Malkasten park installation.


"Malkasten park installation is a stoneware ceramic head sculpture which is used as a vessel where a tree is planted. The tree is transplanted in Malkasten Park from my own garden in Tirana, while the head is made in London. It's all about the fact that how globally we all interact these days ( before covid)" 
                                                        Genc Mulliqi

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